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Packback's AI powered discussion provides a safe space for students to engage and learn how to ask great questions!

 Wow! I love the interactive, FAST-paced, investigative nature of Packback. Students definitely ask more questions in class and are WAY more involved. Class this term has felt like a conversation with a best friend!

Leslie Hendon

Biology Professor, UAB

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83% of students think their professor cares about their curiosity by having the class use Packback

81% of students think that Packback gave them a safer and more comfortable place to be curious and ask questions

86% of students think Packback's purpose of awakening fearless, relentless curiosity is important to today's college students

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Personally, I began using Packback Questions only to earn participation points. After some time, however, it became impossible for me to participate in the conversation without becoming engrossed in the subject. Once I recognized how course content relates to real life, I felt motivated to seek out knowledge.


Beverly Paz

Packback Questions Student

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